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Are you ready to elevate your career?

join a team that fuels your success

Are you an experienced stylist seeking a salon where you can focus solely on your artistry and leave the business management behind?  Look no further!

At Salon Echo, we're dedicated to providing a supportive and sustainable work environment that empowers stylists to thrive.  Join our team and become part of a community that values:

  • Craftsmanship:  Showcase your skills and creativity without the burden of business management tasks.

  • Sustainability:  Work in a certified sustainable salon that prioritizes environmental responsibility.

  • Flexibility:  Enjoy a work-life balance with flexible  scheduling tailored to your needs (24-36 hrs).

  • Growth:  Take advantage of ongoing education opportunities to stay ahead in your career.

  • Collaboration:  Be part of a team that fosters positivity, support, and camaraderie.

Whether you're an experienced stylist looking for a new opportunity or a passionate newcomer to the industry, we welcome you to apply and be part of something special at Salon Echo.  Lets build sustainable beauty, together.

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